Let's talk sleep…. How I can help your cheeky sleeper!


I believe that a full night's sleep is an achievable goal for all families and asking for help along the way is okay.

sleeping baby.png

I also much prefer the term sleep teaching versus sleep training. I like to think I am helping teach kids to sleep through the night not training them. Teaching is what we as parents do all the time…. please and thank yous, making beds, tidying up toys. Now we are adding another thing to teach… how to sleep.

Sleeping is as fundamental to a child’s development as eating a balanced diet and learning to communicate. A child starts crying to communicate. you will teach them to communicate using words.Similarly with eating a baby starts with breast milk or formula then you gradually teach them how to eat solids.  We will start with creating the safe sleep environment and move to getting them to sleep through the night and dropping naps at age appropriate times.  All of these are ways we teach our children.

As a parent I have been throughout all these milestone of teaching with my own children. Sleep teaching requires determination, patience and fortitude. Most of all you need a plan.. I am here to help coach parents through this challenge and look forward to helping you find the right method or methods to fit your family.

I follow the safe sleep guidelines set out by the American Association of Paediatrics and am always learning from other sleep consultants, and families.

My aim is to support and coach families as they work to achieve their sleep goals.  I will be there with you throughout the process, the ups and downs, throughout the tears and the triumphs. No worry is too small for me if it's keeping you up.

I love nothing more than getting to know my clients and look forward to assisting you on your sleep journey.  

xx alison