Postpartum Queen

Cheeky Sleeper is a featured product in the Postpartum Queen Boxes. They believe that every new mom deserves to feel like a Queen again, especially after labour. They pick, pack & ship a gorgeous gift box of postpartum care items (tailored for vaginal births, c-sections, breastfeeding moms and for moms who can't breastfeed) to help new moms Survive the postpartum period, Thrive as she gets back to feeling like herself emotionally and physically and Slay at motherhood. All without her having to leave the comfort of her home.

Nourish Consuting

Are you looking for Breast feeding support? Breastfeeding can be challenging, but with the right support, mothers and babies can enjoy the vital health benefits provided by breast milk. Leanne at Nourish is wonderful.

Cheeky Sleeper provides post baby sleep service through nourish.

Element Sleep

Child Behaviour Counselling, using positive discipline/guidance methods. I am a graduate of the Child Behaviour Certification Program through The Early Years Inc. Our goal is to work together for our children. This purchase includes the intake questionnaire, one hour on the phone where we address your specific concerns and discuss positive guidance parenting in general; and a written recap delivered within two business days. Learn positive ways to handle sibling rivalry, potty readiness, fussy eaters, bedtime battles, speaking so they will listen, and gaining cooperation.