Holiday Sleep

10 Holiday Sleep tips for you and your family.

I had a great plan to post this a week ago... This is when being a mom and a business owner is hard. The worst flu, that has ever been through our little house. The girls are both better but as I sit here posting this, I have an awful sore throat, the chills and am counting the moments before I can crawl into bed. Enjoy these holiday sleep tips:

  1. Involve others. My kids love nothing more than having a favorite Uncle, Cousin or friend puts them to bed or help give them a bath. This will be a treat for your children and give you a night off.

  2. Think twice if you make huge changes in your children's routines, bedtimes and even toilet training. You might have the time off for the short term, but to see long-term success consistency is needed.

  3. Quiet time - on those busy days, everyone will need some down time. For younger ones, this might be a nap or a quiet snuggle. For older, maybe reading a new book. Take time to recharge.

  4. Protect your Child's sleep as much as possible. Being late because your child needs to finish their nap is a great reason for being late. 5.Benefits are twofold...your child will be happy with reduced chance of a meltdown and you can stay longer if you’re having fun. Put your child down ready to go out so all you have to do when they wake up go to the party. If you are traveling try leaving slightly earlier (30 minutes) and f you arrive early you can sit in the car while your child finishes their nap.

  5. Maintain consistent bedtimes. Try to keep bedtime consistent as much as possible. If a nap has been skipped try an earlier bedtime.

  6. Travelling- take your sleep environment with you. Pillow, noise machine, favourite story, night light if needed and anything else you think would help your child feel comfortable sleeping away from their bed.

  7. Try to plan a quiet couple of days after a busy day. This will allow some time to get back on schedule before the next event.

  8. Play host. If you are invited out for a drink ask if they would instead like to come to you.

  9. Watching the magic of the holidays with your kids is amazing and less is sometimes more. They might have fun at one party, but 10-holiday parties might be a little too much. Get a babysitter or kindly decline.

  10. Start some new holiday traditions for your family such as a pajama car ride to see the Christmas lights or new book for bedtime stories every night of advent or even a toy or game to do as a family on a quiet day.

A well-rested child is a blessing and helps to reduce the number meltdowns. If sleep gets interrupted not to fear. A couple of days back home on your Child's normal routine will help them reset their internal sleep clocks.

I am wishing you a very merry holiday season full of fun and happiness. If you do need help getting a better sleep routine, please contact me, I'd love to help.

xx Alison