Sleep Challenges Solved - World Sleep Day 2019

Today is world sleep day, I thought I would share a few of my out of the box solutions my clients have used to get better sleep for their family.  All these families have a few similarities

  • Each family came to me for family-specific help and sleep plan.

  • We worked together for 1-2 weeks to find sleep solutions that would work for them.

  • These parents were consistent and worked really hard to create their own success.

Challenge #1

Dad wanted to room share until their baby was 6 months, Mom couldn't sleep as she was a light sleeper and woke with every little movement and sound baby made.


Family purchased a comfortable mattress from Ikea and Dad slept on the floor until this little one reached 6 months. Mom got to sleep with the added bonus not having to worry about if her husband was snoring.  Mom's mental health improved as she slept more and their little one was sleeping through the night when we finished working together.

Challenge #2

Roomsharing sister (2.5 and 3.5 years old). This mom reached out as she was having issues with her middle daughter's sleep. She was waking her sister early every morning. As a mom of three, we moved bedtime earlier, introduced quiet bags and a family meeting and almost immediately saw success, but this little girl still needed additional help.


Mom moved their 6-month-old who was sleeping with age-appropriate wakings into the master closet, she separated her room sharing daughters into their own room and introduced an okay to wake clock.  Things started to improve even more... Added bonus when Dad was home he actually realised how interrupted mom's sleep was.

Challenge #3

4-month-old Co-sleeping with Mom (and Dad) (this is more than one family) with frequent night wakings and limited sleep for Mom and Dad.  No one was sleeping and everyone was exhausted.


All these families start by playing in the nursery until we started officially starting sleep plans. And this is the magic part - each baby started sleeping in their own bed and sleeping longer stretches from night one.  Every Parent was amazed by how well their kids were doing.

Challenge #4

Toddler coming into parents every night for 2 years. Now 4 years old needed mom to fall back to sleep with every night waking.  Mom was exhausted.


Mom and Dad introduced family sleep rules, got an older sister excited and participating equally. They created a visual reward for daily praise upon wake up and after a week of great sleep had a family reward. Mom started to sleep in own bed and through the night.

Challenge #5

This is another common challenge - Toddler bedtime struggles - This particular little boy was fighting Dad putting him to bed, frequent pop up for the toilet, extra hugs, water, scared of the dark- you name it he used that excuse.


Family meeting to create sleep rules with an added fun breakfast. An amber night light, gated door to have a visual barrier and a superhero blanket to protect this little guy while he slept. This little guy got to sleeping through the night with consistent work by both Mom and Dad.

Challenge #6

Dad was missing bedtime every night due to work and the kid's early bedtimes. These girls really responded well to the early bedtime and started sleeping through the night and reduced early night wakings.


Daddy time was moved to wake up 6-7am. This was the time he could spend with the girls and allowed mom to get a little extra sleep as she did bedtimes solo most nights. It was a win-win for everyone. Dad got his time with the girls when they were at their best.

Bonus Tip- once the kids go to bed limit the number of household task you attack to 30 minutes or 1 room. Follow this timed tidy time with some time as a couple, personal time or even going to bed early.

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I hope you have Happy Sleep tonight and for many nights to come.

Happy Sleep

Alison XX

PS. As always, I love to hear about your sleep challenges. What has helped you most get better sleep in your house?  Follow my adventures on social media @cheekysleeper.