I wish I’d used a sleep consultant with my First Daughter?

Sleep Training allowed both to get more sleep. Best decision ever.

Sleep Training allowed both to get more sleep. Best decision ever.

When our daughter ‘S” was born almost six years ago, I waited until she was nine months before sleep training her. I’m not sure how I lasted this long being a personal soother to a baby who woke 2-5 times every night. It’s an understatement to say I was a tired mom.

1. A sleep consultant has read and had successes with many sleep training methods — no need to read every book to find one that will work for you.
I had no idea at this stage of parenthood that Sleep Consultants were a thing. Before becoming a parent, I read the “Sleep Whisperer” and did try to follow her Eat, Play, Sleep routine. By nine months something needed to change. I read Richard Feber’s book “How to Solve your Child’s Sleep Problems” (okay only the parts about sleep training a nine-month-old.) Reading would put this exhausted momma to sleep, so I only read the highlights that related to my specific situation.

2. Support - I needed someone to be my cheerleader in sleep training
I had a very, very small network in Calgary. I had only moved here 20 days before having ‘S” and added to this my husband’s work often was three weeks away and one week home. I spend most of that first year of motherhood on my own. Sleep Training with a coach would have made it so much easier.

3. I would have likely slept in my bed for those two weeks of sleep training.
Sleep training S was still one of the hardest things I have ever done. My panic and concern for her safety sleeping in her room was high. I slept on the floor outside her bedroom. The space between her door and my door was less than 5’6” (my height) and in my mind was too far if she cried. I have to think a sleep consultant would have given me the confidence to sleep in my bed. “Maximizing your quality of sleep will help you be a better parent.”

4. I would have sleep trained earlier
Yes, I am sorry I didn’t sleep train ‘S’ until nine months. I was scared to let her cry for too long; I was nervous she was hungry even though she was always gaining weight on her growth curve. If only I had spoken to a sleep consultant or at least read a sleep consultant’s blog (like you are now thank you).

5. I would have felt more confident as a parent.

I often work with moms of babies 4-6 months old. The difference between these moms when we first work together and upon completion is impressive. They are more confident, make better decisions, and are sleeping more. I often feel when I'm done working with a family a small sense of loss of a friend. I still love the check-ins and photos.

6. I might have start Career as a sleep consultant way earlier. I can only imagine that if I had done this six years ago, I would have seen the light earlier.

Sleep Training can be hard but a sleep consultant can make it easier on both of you.

Sleep Training can be hard but a sleep consultant can make it easier on both of you.

If you are looking for a sleep consultant, please give me a call or send me an alison@cheekysleeper.com. I would love to talk sleep with you. Please send me an email and let's start the conversation.

Happy Sleep
Alison xx